Pleasantville Mayor Announces Reelection Bid

Mayor Judy Ward, who took office in 2021, said there are many things she still wants to accomplish during the announcement of her bid for reelection.

Pleasantville Mayor Announces Reelection Bid
Mayor Judy Ward announces her bid for reelection. Photo Credit: Raymond Tyler.

PLEASANTVILLE — Mayor Judy Ward announced Thursday, Feb. 1 that she is running for reelection.

She made the announcement at 3 p.m. on a chilly, cloudy afternoon in front of L’Ouverture Books, located at 6 Old Turnpike, cheered by family, friends and supporters from around the region. Atlantic City Council Vice President Kaleem Shabazz and Atlantic County Commissioner Ernest Coursey were among the supporters the mayor acknowledged as she made the announcement.


Ward, who took office in 2021, said she faced challenges but there are many things she still wants to accomplish.

“In 2021, I didn’t know that I was going to be a pandemic mayor,” said Ward. “When I went into office, everything was Zoom. We had no meetings in person, and it was hard.”

Ward said although there were many things that were slowed by the pandemic, the city made notable progress.

She said the city has already started dredging the marina, a park renovation is on schedule to be completed this summer and the city has secured a grant to give the baseball field a makeover. Ward said the city is also making road improvements that will benefit the business community along Old Turnpike.

“I stand before you today to ask for your support for four more years,” Ward said.

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