Stockton's Africana Studies Program Celebrates Graduating Students

The ceremony included professors, who taught various courses, highlighting the obstacles their students overcame to gain their degrees.

Stockton's Africana Studies Program Celebrates Graduating Students
The 2024 Graduates of The Stockton University Africana Studies Program

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP - On Friday May 3, 2024, the Africana Studies Program Of Stockton University celebrated students who majored and minored in Africana Studies.

The students and their families met for a noon program in the Campus Center Event Room for a Rites of Passage Program.

Lillian Nickens, who is receiving her B.A in Africana Studies, was celebrated along with those that minored. Students graduating with a minor in Africana Studies are:

  • Akili Allison,
  • Keesha Blace-Jones,
  • Voctoria Corless,
  • Anisah Dean,
  • Mac Hines,
  • Kamal Hurst,
  • Trystin Johnson,
  • Julie Marshall,
  • Tia Outlaw,
  • Rachelle Pittman;
  • and Aiya Underwood.

    The ceremony included the professors who taught the various courses recounting experiences of obstacles their students overcame to gain their degrees.

    The students, in turn, discussed how Africana Studies helped them and has prepared them for the next step.

    Atlantic City Focus was there to record the day in photos and to speak on camera with Lillian Nickens, who has earned a B.A. in Africana Studies; Dr. Donnetrice Allison, the department chair; and several of the professors.

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