GALLERY: Atlantic City State of the City Address

Atlantic City is the economic engine of the region and the State of the City Address brings the business community together to hear the mayor's perspective on how things are going and what's coming up next.

GALLERY: Atlantic City State of the City Address
Mayor Marty Small Sr, talked about progress and development during his 2024 State of the City Address. Photo Credit: Raymond Tyler

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The City released its list of department goals on Monday, Feb. 5, following the State of the City Address. The following is a list of goals by department:

2024 City of Atlantic City Department Goals

Atlantic City Police Department
 Add Officers in Schools, Patrolling Atlantic and Pacific Avenues
 Reestablish Motorcycle Unit
 More Vehicles Added to Fleet
 Create Desk Sergeant Position
 Public Safety Building Renovations

Atlantic City Fire Department
 Increased Staffing Levels
 Launch Multicultural Jr. Fire Academy
 Reoccupy Fire Station 3 (Indiana & Grant Avenues)
 Another Phase of Live Fire Training
 Fire Station 5 Relocation
 Hold Hazmat Competency Training on All Shifts
 Start Phase I Construction of Fire Station 2
 Outfit 2 New Engines
 Hold Auction for Used Apparatus and Old Equipment
 Hold Non-Life Hazard Inspections
 Design Engineering Study for Unoccupied Fire Station 7

Municipal Courts
 Increase Community Outreach Events
 Create a More Diverse Staff
 Homeless Court (Once Per Month w/Judge Blee)
 Partnership w/ Reentry Services
 Expand on E-ticketing to Include Some Criminal Complaints
 Upgrade Courtroom Sound Equipment
 Enhance Technology – Hybrid Capable
Licensing and Inspections
 Lead-Based Paint Inspection Training
 Legislation Recommended Amendments (Boardwalk Trams, Rolling Chairs, Rooming – Boarding Houses, Parking Meter Locations) for Revenue Generating Purposes
 Foreclosure Registration Program
 Continuation of SLCHIP Under NJDCA
 E-filing
 Prioritize Zero Tolerance for Landlords Who Fail to Secure Occupancy Permits
 Develop Ongoing Relationship w/Community Groups

Public Works
 Professional Training to Spray all City-Owned Lots
 Bring Back Recycling Program to Atlantic City Schools (Funded by Clean Communities Grants)
 Add signage to traffic lights to identify what street you’re on (Every Intersection)
 Clear and Repave Fenced in Section for Installation of Electric Charging Stations for New Electric Trash Trucks (Acquired through a Grant)
 Continue Upgrade and Replacement of Snow Removal and Specially Vehicle Fleet
 Work on Grant for Replacement of Nettings

Human Resources
 Offer More Supervisory Training
 Internal Desk Audit with Employees from Other Departments
 Updating Orientations and Holding Them Monthly
 Sexual Harassment and Workplace Harassment
 New Recruiting Techniques for Hard Positions to Fill
 Define "Essential Employee"
 W4, I9 and Chapter 57 Audit
 Yearly Civil Service Title Audit In & Out
 Detailed Title Audit (Complete Title, Class Codes and Salaries)

Information Technology
 Automate the Process for Creation of Council Packages
 Implement .GOV for ACPD
 Implement an Executive Dashboard for Financial Information for Each Department
 Automate System Data Feeds for the CITISTAT Dashboard and Identify New KPI’s
 Install Cameras Inside Key City Buildings (Carnegie, All Wars Building, Firehouses)
 Prepare Our Environment for Windows 11

Public Information
 Market Atlantic City Like Never Before (Marketing and Videographer Grant)
 Get More People Signed-Up to AC Alerts
 Get More Eyes on City News Conferences
 More Frequent Communication w/City Partners
 Give Social Media Pages a New Look and Feel

 Economic Development Project to Help Struggling Businesses
 Sustainable Solutions Project (Gardening)
 Supportive Affordable Housing Development
 Fund Reentry Project
 Anti-Violence/Mental Health Awareness
 MLK Lighting - Basketball Courts

Planning and Development
 Restart Mayor’s Entrepreneurial Academy
 Create Framework and Support for Cooperatives in Community Gardens and Food Market
 Establish Framework for Micro-Loan Program to Include Workshop for Reentry and Private
 Contract Consultant for Small Business Assistance Program
 Redevelopment Plans for Belfield Avenue, 723/725 N. Indiana Avenue and Carson Point
 Partner w/CRDA and EDA on Developer Workshop
 Review/Amend Ordinances for Table and Chairs Plus Food Trucks
 Execute Maintenance Agreement for Columbia and Bartram Landscaping and Fisherman’s
Landscape Improvement
 Complete Community Forestry Management Plan
 Complete Zoning Assessment for Chelsea and Northside and Northside Historic Survey
 File Application for NJ DEP Brownfield Development Area

Health and Human Services
 Strategic Planning for Accreditation
 Health Education/Promotion (More Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention Seminars)
 Workforce Development – Job Program for Homeless Population
 Collection of Relevant Data Regarding Health Needs
 Address Issues w/Physical and Behavioral Health and Social Detriments of Health
 Utility and Housing Assistance Seminars
 Develop Support Groups (Bereavement, Domestic Violence, substance Abuse)
 Creation of Adult Services Division

Revenue & Finance
 2024 Tax Decrease
 In Person Meetings w/Rating Agencies with a Goal of 2-Tier Upgrade
 Purchasing Department Cleanup
 Cleanup Payroll Process
 Monthly Financial Accountability Reports to Administration
 Train Employees on Requisitions

Solicitor’s Office
 Reduce Budget
 Use Data to Lessen Liability in Personal Injury Claims (Target Trip and Falls in Street and Boardwalk)
 Utilize Judge Blee’s Early Settlement Program
 Institute Response Training Program for Traffic Cops

 Enhance Neighborhood Engagement
 Foster Collaborations w/Local Organizations
 Control and Decrease Violence in Atlantic City
 Create Job Opportunities for At-risk Youth and Young Adults
 Enhance Staff Training for Operational Efficiency

Reentry Services
 Improve Quality of Life and Access to Resources for Formerly Incarcerated
 Reduce Over Recidivism Rate by 70% (7 out of 10 residents) to Remain Productive
 Have Reentry Participants Become Self–Supporting Productive Citizens
 Reduce Homelessness and Housing Instability Among Citizens Returning to Atlantic City

Youth Services
 Host Family Cook-Off Event
 Host Summer Bash
 Begin SAT Preparatory Workshop
 Host Autism Event
 Generate Citywide Youth Offerings Calendar
 New AC Ballet Project
 Equestrian Program
 Equine-Assisted Therapy

 Create Youth Golf Program
 More Diverse Recreation Programing
 MLS Soccer Program
 Bring Back Midnight Basketball League
 New Skate Park ‘Uptown’
 Support AC PAL Wrestling
 Develop Activities/Events for Youth w/Disabilities.
 Take More Ownership of Community Parks and Playgrounds

Senior Services
 Organize Safety Seminars (Personal, Elder Fraud, After Life Planning)
 Introduce CPR Class
 Take Seniors on Monthly Market Trips
 Launch Book Club
 Improve Senior Gala

Multicultural Services
 New Ways to Spotlight Heritage and Cultural Celebrations
 Financial Literacy Workshops
 Immigration Education Seminars
 AtlantiCare Partnership for AAPI Diversity Summit
 Continued Success of Music Appreciation Series

Vital Statistics
 Group Wedding Day
 Kiosk Software Implementation
 Outreach Program
 Hire New Staff
 Acquire Translation Equipment
 Attend Trainings Offered by the State

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