NAACP Branches Collaborate for Voter Registration Drive

National Voter Registration Day for 2023 was held on Sept. 19. But there is still time to register to vote.

NAACP Branches Collaborate for Voter Registration Drive

ATLANTIC CITY — The Atlantic City and Mainland Pleasantville branches of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People collaborated on Tuesday, Sept. 19 to hold a voter-registration drive.

In honor of National Voter Registration Day, the two organizations set up a table at the Atlantic County Police and Firefighters Memorial to “Fallen Heroes." The festive event included a DJ to draw the crowd and hotdogs for those who registered.

National Voter Registration Day for 2023 was held on Sept. 19. But there is still time to register to vote. For more information about National Voter Registration Day and other resources click here.

Atlantic City NAACP Branch President Kaleem Shabazz said the two branches have worked together for the past four years because the issue is important.

“This is definitely nonpartisan,” said Marcus R. Wilson, Sr., political action chair for the Mainland Pleasantville NAACP Branch. “We’re about making sure people get registered and follow up and make sure they vote.”

Organizer Marcus R. Wilson Sr. and Allen Maddox attend the voter registration drive. Photo Credit: Mark Tyler

Mary Slomine, of Margate, along with Lisa Bell and Shirley Bell of Millville, all came to volunteer.

“We need people to recognize the importance of voting and that people can get their voices heard,” said Shirley Bell. “If they’re not registered, no one will want to hear their complaints.

Slomine added that fewer locations will even allow voter registration drives.

“The reason NAACP Mainland is sponsoring this is because they want to protect people’s civil rights and registering to vote is the easiest way to do that,” Slomine said.

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