Kim Stresses Comprehensive Solutions in Senate Campaign

Representative Kim, who currently serves New Jersey's 3rd Congressional District, highlighted his extensive background in public service and detailed three primary reasons he believes make him the most qualified candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Kim Stresses Comprehensive Solutions in Senate Campaign
U.S. Representative Andy Kim. Source: Center for Cooperative Media

MONTCLAIR, N.J. — At a press briefing held by the Center for Cooperative Media, on Monday, May 20 2024, U.S. Representative Andy Kim, D-3rd, engaged with ethnic and community media to discuss his senatorial campaign and field questions on a variety of critical issues facing New Jersey and the nation. The event, moderated by Anthony Advincula, provided a platform for Kim to outline his qualifications and address concerns directly from the journalism community.

During a 45-minute Q&A session, Kim tackled topics ranging from affordable housing and immigration to healthcare affordability and foreign policy. On the domestic front, Kim emphasized the necessity of a strong economy and robust housing initiatives to support families in economic distress. He advocated for continuing the child tax credit and increasing federal resources to prevent hate crimes, particularly in religious communities, by enhancing security measures and community support systems.

The press briefing was sponsored by the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University as part of its 2024 election initiatives with NJ Spotlight News and the Center’s ongoing, Not the Same Old Sources series. The Center held a three-part series of virtual press conferences with New Jersey Senatorial candidates: Dr. Campos-Medina, Lawrence “Larry” Ham and Rep. Andy Kim. Each of these candidates are vying to replace Senator Bob Menendez, who has been indicted on alleged corruption charges for the second time in a decade. The last time Menendez faced reelection he found himself under indictment for alleged corruption but a mistrial in 2017 helped him keep the support of the Democratic party in his 2018 run for office, according to published reports. Menendez has declined to seek reelection as a Democrat, but has until June 4, 2024, to run as an independent. Atlantic City Focus was invited to participate in the series and will bring our readers all three parts. 

"I think the three of us, we're all strong candidates and add a lot of diversity. In terms of why I think I would be the strongest, first and foremost, I have the experience of working in Congress already. I've been there for five and a half years, three terms and I've been able to, in that time, pass a lot of legislation that's doing a lot of good for New Jersey, including the infrastructure law, the inflation Reduction Act, American rescue plan and other key issues, " Kim said. "So I would be somebody that could step in immediately, be able to hit the ground running, and be able to work on these issues seamlessly, as I have been. I have a lot of relationships already in the US Senate and throughout the Capitol, and have worked across the state in many different ways, especially my congressional district. The second thing is that I'm the only candidate of the three of us that has won an election before. I won three elections against Republicans in a very tough race, and we cannot allow the seat to fall into the hands of the Republicans."

Healthcare was a major focal point, with Kim stressing the importance of ensuring that no American has to choose between buying medicine and other basic needs. He detailed his commitment to making healthcare and prescription drugs more accessible and affordable.

Addressing international concerns, Kim spoke about his efforts to manage the U.S. response to global crises, specifically mentioning a $12 billion aid package aimed at providing humanitarian assistance to countries like Haiti. He acknowledged the complexities of stabilizing regions politically while ensuring the effective use of U.S. aid. Kim also discussed the integration of immigrants into American society, expressing strong support for preserving heritage languages and promoting bilingual education for children. He shared personal anecdotes about the challenges and benefits of learning languages, underscoring the importance of educational investments in language preservation.

Kim also highlighted his extensive background in public service. "I served under both Presidents Bush and Obama and that's something that's helped me be able to navigate this career in politics," said Kim. " So far, I'm a three-term member of Congress." He continued, "I'm a Democrat that won a district that Trump won twice. I became the very first Asian American to get elected to federal office from the state of New Jersey, and I'm currently the youngest, Asian American elected to federal office in the entire nation."

The session concluded with Kim expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to connect with the community. He concluded, "If all works out, and if I'm elected in November, I'll be the first Korean American ever in the Senate and first Asian American, elected to the U.S. Senate from the entire East Coast of America."

(Primary Election 2024 coverage and the Atlantic City Focus Civic Engagement Guide were made possible by a grant from the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium.)

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