Hamm Pledges Progressive Reform in Senate Bid

Hamm, a native of New Jersey, detailed his early involvement in social justice movements, beginning with leading a student walkout and sit-in in 1971 .He has emphasized his unwavering commitment to social justice.

Hamm Pledges Progressive Reform in Senate Bid
Lawrence Hamm sat down for a virtual press briefing with the Center for Cooperative Media.

NEWARK, N.J. — At a virtual press briefing hosted by the Center for Cooperative Media on Thursday, April 25, 2024, Lawrence Hamm, a longtime activist and current candidate for the U.S. Senate from New Jersey, outlined his comprehensive background and vision for progressive change in American politics.

Hamm, a native of New Jersey, detailed his early involvement in social justice movements, beginning with leading a student walkout and sit-in in 1971. Hamm spoke of his role in anti-apartheid protests at Princeton University and his founding of the People's Organization for Progress, which has been instrumental in grassroots organizing across the state.

Throughout his campaign, Hamm has emphasized his unwavering commitment to social justice, which includes supporting the presidential campaigns of the Rev. Jesse Jackson and advocating for universal healthcare and the rights of the Palestinian people.

"My record shows that I have been consistent in fighting for the oppressed and advocating for progressive platforms," Hamm said.

In his address, Hamm also took a firm stance on international issues, specifically the Israel-Palestine conflict, calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire. He criticized his opponent, Andy Kim, for supporting a ceasefire while simultaneously voting for increased funding to the conflict, highlighting the contradiction in such positions.

Looking ahead, Hamm detailed his plans for the first 100 days, should he be elected, which includes a focus on defeating the Republican opposition in the general election and maintaining a commitment to reject corporate and Political Action Committee (PAC) donations. He underscored the necessity of an inside-outside strategy to build a social movement capable of achieving progressive goals, such as expanding the Supreme Court to balance the influence of the Federalist Society.

Hamm concluded by emphasizing the importance of securing the presidency to prevent further conservative appointments to the court, highlighting the stakes of the upcoming election for both New Jersey and the nation.

The press briefing was sponsored by the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University as part of its 2024 election initiatives with NJ Spotlight News and the Center’s ongoing, Not the Same Old Sources series. The Center held a three-part series of virtual press conferences with New Jersey Senatorial candidates: Dr. Campos-Medina, Lawrence “Larry” Ham and Rep. Andy Kim. Each of these candidates are vying to replace Senator Bob Menendez, who has been indicted on alleged corruption charges for the second time in a decade. The last time Menendez faced reelection he found himself under indictment for alleged corruption but a mistrial in 2017 helped him keep the support of the Democratic party in his 2018 run for office, according to published reports. Menendez has declined to seek reelection as a Democrat, but has until June 4, 2024, to run as an independent.

Atlantic City Focus was invited to participate in the series and will bring our readers all three parts. 

(Primary Election 2024 coverage and the Atlantic City Focus Civic Engagement Guide were made possible by a grant from the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium.)

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