National Night Out Focuses on Building Community-Police Relations

Atlantic City Focus stopped by the celebrations in Atlantic City and Pleasantville on Tuesday Aug. 1.

National Night Out Focuses on Building Community-Police Relations

The National Night Out serves as an annual community-building campaign to promote police-community partnerships and designed to make neighborhoods safer and more caring places to live.

Atlantic City 5th Ward Councilman Muhammad Zia was proud to host Atlantic City's National Night Out at Pete Pallitto Field across the street from the Sovereign Avenue School.

"This is the most diverse ward in the Atlantic City," Councilman Muhammad Zia said. "Over 17 nations live is this ward."

Atlantic City Council Vice President Kaleem Shabazz (Left), Atlantic City Police Chief James Sarkos (Center) and K-9 trainer Sgt. G. Stowe. Photo Credit: Mark Tyler

"The National Night out is an important part of community relations with law enforcement," said Atlantic City Council Vice President Kaleem Shabazz. "It's a chance to see the police in a relaxed atmosphere."

"The main goal is to let the community know we're here for them," said Police Chief James Sarkos. "We're regular people just like them. The National Night Out shows the human side of law enforcement."

Atlantic City crowds seemed happy to see the K-9 demonstrations at the National Night Out

The Pleasantville High School marching band played for the crowds at Pleasantville's National Night Out celebration.
Cynthia Carter, a dispatch liaison for the Pleasantville Police Department, (Left) Tatiana Blackwell (Center) and Pleasantville Police Chief James Williams man the booth at Pleasantville's National Night Out celebration.
Business owner Darren Palmer, of L’Ouverture Books, located at 6 Old Turnpike, and his wife Tina Palmer attended Pleasantville's National Night Out.
Retired Pleasantville Board of Education member Jerome Page also attended Pleasantville's National Night Out celebration.

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