It's Time to Break Generational Curses

Alcoholism in our community is something that we don’t often talk about. When breaking generational curses it’s important that we acknowledge ourselves and what we need to do! Once you become aware you acknowledge and ACT! I hope you enjoy this episode ❤️

It's Time to Break Generational Curses

In this special episode of the "Set the Scene" podcast, our host Amanda sits down to talk about something very close to her heart: generational curses. It's just her tonight, no guest, just raw and real emotions. She’s opening up about topics that hit home for many but are often left undiscussed because they’re just too hard to bring up in our judgmental society.

Tonight, Amanda zeroes in on alcoholism, a struggle that’s touched her life deeply. She shares how easy it can be to slip into habits, like unwinding with a glass of wine each evening, and how these can lead to dependence. By pulling from her own life, Amanda shines a light on the larger issue of generational habits and the strong decisions needed to break these patterns.

Throughout the episode, Amanda confronts the stigma of alcoholism in her community. She encourages her listeners to see past common judgments and understand the battles many face with addiction. Reflecting on warnings from her mother and grandmother about alcohol, she connects these personal stories to her broader goal of preventing self-destruction—a lesson she’s eager to pass down to her kids and her audience.

This episode is more than just a talk; it’s Amanda reaching out, sharing her journey, and calling for empathy and action. She encourages everyone to support one another in overcoming personal struggles to build a healthier, more understanding community.

Thanks for experiencing this podcast with us!

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