I'm Not Your Enemy

SET THE SCENE Im not your enemy- While we are unique and capable alone. Together we’re mighty.

I'm Not Your Enemy

In this episode of "Set the Scene," host Amanda and her guest, Zabrina Everett of Life’s A Bries Financial Services tackle a topic close to many hearts but seldom discussed openly: the subtle undercurrents of envy and competition among friends, particularly among women and, even more specifically, among minority women.

The discussion kicks off with an acknowledgment of the unique paths each individual takes, despite having similar goals or jobs. They explore the reasons behind the competition among women, how societal norms and culture contribute to this rivalry, and the importance of being true to oneself. The dialogue takes a deep dive into the essence of friendship, focusing on the critical roles of honesty, openness, and mutual respect.

As the episode unfolds, they talk about how to approach sensitive topics within friendships, the challenge of feeling unsupported, and strategies for setting boundaries with those who may not reciprocate support as expected.

This conversation is not just about identifying problems; it's a heartfelt exploration of how to cultivate healthier, more supportive relationships that celebrate individual growth and collective success. This episode of "Set the Scene" promises to be an enlightening discussion on improving the dynamics of friendship through understanding, communication, and genuine support.

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