Elevate & Celebrate Networking Mixer Honors Women in Business

Stockton University students organized the event in the Fannie Lou Hamer Room at the Atlantic City campus to honor women in business.

Elevate & Celebrate Networking Mixer Honors Women in Business
The Elevate & Celebrate Networking Mixer honors women in business. Photo Credit: Mark Tyler

ATLANTIC CITY — Members of the business community converged on the Stockton University Atlantic City Campus on Monday, March 25 for the Elevate & Celebrate Women’s History Month networking event.

Stockton University students in Professor Pamela Fields’ class organized the event in the Fannie Lou Hamer Room to honor women in business and learn more about one of the skills that can make the difference between success and failure, both in business and in life.

“It’s very important for us to identify who we are as women,” said Fields. “It’s amazing. The students have done a great job.”

The honorees included:

  • Cathy Burke, from the Irish Pub
  • Lena Di, of Lena Di Wellness, LLC
  • Kim Jackson, of Kelsey & Kim’s Soul Food & BBQ in Pleasantville, Kelsey & Kim’s South Café’ and Kelsey’s in Atlantic City
  • Cynthia Jennings, of Mary Kay
  • Lisa Johnson, president of Lisa Johnson Communications
  • Phyllis Lacca, president and owner of Masterpiece Advertising
  • Rita Mack, who has been a McDonald’s franchisee, since 1986; and
  • Roxanne Passarella, who owns the Flagship Resort at Club Boardwalk Resorts.

Burke, Jackson and Mack could not attend. Honorees who were in attendance shared inspiring stories.

Lena Di talked about her health and fitness journey.

Jennings talked about what it was like to start a Mary Kay Business.

Lisa Johnson talked about owning a communications and media company.

Phillis Lacca talked about the value of hard work and determination.

Passarella talked about being willing to do every job your employees hold.

Student Ethan Rodrigues said he came to the networking event in search of a mentor.

“I want to meet someone who can help me get into the finance field,” Rodrigues said. “This is about making those meaningful connections for the rest of your life.”

Warren Kleinsmith, Dean of the School of Business at Stockton University, said that in addition to networking, mentoring is also pivotal.

“I had faculty mentors, all of them played a key role,” Kleinsmith said. Mentors help the people they work with navigate the political landscape of different environments and save time.

“I don’t care where you are in your career, it can make the difference,” Kleinsmith said.

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