Atlantic Builders Convention Comes To Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in AC

Hundreds of attendees came to the Atlantic Builders Convention, which was hosted by New Jersey Builders Association. The event was held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ from March 19 - 21, 2024.

Atlantic Builders Convention Comes To Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in AC
Hundreds came to Atlantic Builders Convention hosted by New Jersey Builders Association. Photo Credit: Craig Matthews

ATLANTIC CITY – The Atlantic Builders Convention, hosted by the New Jersey Builders Association, was held from March 19-21, 2024, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. This annual event, a major gathering for the building industry in the Northeast, attracted hundreds of professionals including developers, remodelers, and various consultants from the construction sector.

This year’s convention featured a diverse range of exhibitors who showcased the latest trends in home and outdoor living. Exhibits included innovative interior designs, the latest in building technology, and outdoor recreation solutions. The venue provided an excellent backdrop for networking, with multiple sessions and workshops designed to foster connections among industry professionals and enhance their knowledge through educational opportunities.

Keynote speeches and panel discussions addressed pressing industry issues such as sustainability, technological advancements in construction, and market trends. These sessions were well-received, offering insights and strategies relevant to today’s building professionals.

The event also included practical demonstrations of new tools and materials, providing attendees with hands-on experience and an opportunity to see the latest innovations in action. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino offered a luxurious setting that enhanced the overall experience, making it not just an educational event but also a memorable gathering for all attendees.

For more details and future events, visitors are encouraged to check the convention’s official website or the New Jersey Builders Association’s homepage. This event continues to serve as a crucial platform for learning, networking, and growth within the building industry.

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